A passion for brewing, an obsession for quality.

Main & Six Brewing Company has been a passion project for the past few years for co-founder, Dennis Espinosa. From the first time he brewed, Dennis was hooked. As the passion grew with each session, the commitment and drive to open his own brewery grew.

Rooted in History


After years of brewing, researching, and planning, the dream has come to fruition. We are excited to bring you excellence in craft brewing in Historic Jacksonville where friends,f amilies, and neighbors can enjoy.


Located in the heart of the Main Street commercial corridor, in the historic Springfield neighborhood of Jacksonville, Main and Six Brewing Company’s goal is to share with the community this same love of craft beer.


Main and Six Brewing is creating beers that our customers can be as passionate about as the neighborhood of Springfield, and the city of Jacksonville. We invite you to join our neighborhood family.