Main & Six Beers
Staycation Blonde Ale
4.9% ABV • 5.5 SRM • 30 IBUs

An easy drinking blonde ale that has a copious amount of late addition Citra and Mosaic hops. We also dry hop with both Citra and Mosaic to help boost aroma and flavor. Great all year round beer that drinks like a light beer, but tastes and smells like a hoppy ale.

Big Jim
5% ABV • 41 IBU

Named after Jacksonville’s steam whistle, Big Jim is a California common or “steam beer.” It is a malt forward lager, with moderate bitterness from a combination of Cascade and Northern Brewer hops.

Ongoing Investigation IPA
7.2% ABV • 64 IBU

American style IPA that we use a combination of Simcoe, Centennial, and Amarillo hops in. There are notes of both citrus and tropical fruits that help balance a mellow malt backbone, while not being aggressively  bitter.

Mix Tape Pale Ale
5.5% ABV • 50 IBU

Traditional American style pale ale that we late hop with a generous amount of Citra, Mosaic, and El Dorado. We then dry hop generously with all three to help give this beer a wonderful aroma and flavor profile.

Handsworth Brown Ale
5.7% ABV • 31 IBU

A roast forward American style brown ale that balances malt character and roast, without being overly dry.

Hubbard St. Stout
5.7% ABV • 39 IBU

2021 GABF Bronze Medal Winner

Our American stout that we brew with a large amount of roasted barley. It is a robust, roast forward stout with the right level of bitterness that helps balance the malt and roast characteristics. We also use a generous amount of flaked barley to help with mouth feel and body.

Swoop Juice IPA - New England
7.1% ABV • 59 IBU

A new england style IPA. It is hazy and juicy, with stong tropical fruit forward aroma and flavor. As with this style, the bitterness is smooth and easy, making it an easy drinking beer. We used a large amount of Citra hops at the end of the brewing process, as well as a huge amount of both El Dorado and Azacca hops during the dry hop. Named after the University Of North Florida, the two owners Alma Mater.

Working Stiff Pilsner
5.3% ABV • 27 IBU

A true America style adjunct pilsner that is light and crushable. What some would call a, “lawnmower beer”

Silver Sunset Sour - Strawberry & Blackberry
5.3% ABV • 7 IBU

Our base sour we used fresh Strawberry and Blackberry puree in

Real Men Cryo IPA
6% ABV • 40 IBU

A single malt and single hope IPA fermented with Voss Kviek yeast, that is hopped with Simcoe Cryo hops

Shuggah Daddi Milk Stout
6% abv • 30 IBUs

2021 GABF Silver Medal Winner

Our award  winning seasonal Milk Stout that we brew with a generous amount of Lactose, cacao nibs, vanilla, and a touch of cinnamon. The lactose helps give it rich sweetness and the body a velvet like character. Look for the base beer occasionally on nitro!

Weapon of Mash Destruction Mexican Chocolate Cake variant
11.4% abv

2020 GABF Gold Medal Winner

This beer is only available in bottle and on draft during our anniversary weekend ever year in November, along with a variety of other variant flavors ranging from coconut cream pie, S’more, and more!

Some other variants are available in bottle and others are just draft, see our anniversary Facebook event page for more details and the dates of it’s release.

Guest Drinks
Dry Rosé Cider
Original Sin Ciders • New York • 6.5%
Blackberry Cider
Original Sin - 6%
Topo Chico Hard Seltzers
Variety of Flavors - 4.7%
Pinot Grigio